Associate Professor

BSc, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 1999

MSc, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2002

MDevTech, University of Melbourne, 2003

PhD, DIC, Imperial College London, 2008




Zia Wadud is an Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering. He completed his PhD from Imperial College London in Civil Engineering Policy in 2008 as a Commonwealth Scholar and held research positions at the University of Cambridge and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Earlier, Zia did his BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering, with specialization in Structural Engineering from BUET. He also holds a Masters in Development Technologies from the University of Melbourne, where he was an ADB-JSP scholar and worked with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. In addition, he was a NUFFIC Fellow at UNESCO-IHE in Delft and was a recipient of the NORAD fellowship at the University of Oslo. Recently, Zia was nominated as Our Common Future Fellow by the Volkswagen Foundation in Germany in 2010. Starting May 2011, he has been serving as a committee member at two committees of the Transportation Research Board (USA): Transportation Energy and Aviation Economics and Forecasting.

Zia has multifaceted research interests and has publications in international journals and conferences on various disciplines of Civil Engineering, including Structures, Transportation, Energy, Environment and also in Economics. His current research interests are in modeling and valuation of policy interventions in the transportation and environment sector (including climate change policy), modeling energy demand and assessing risk and vulnerability in the context of broader Civil Engineering topics. In order to carry out his research, he extensively applies advanced statistical and econometric modeling tools. His recent works involved meta-analysis of airport noise valuation studies, comparison of environmental impacts of various transportation modes, modeling benefits associated with CNG conversion of vehicles, modeling heterogeneity among households in gasoline consumption behaviour and personal carbon trading.

Within the CE department, Zia is currently responsible for tabulation of postgraduate grades. He is also actively involved in the multidisciplinary Climate Change Study Cell within BUET.

Zia is an avid follower of Manchester United FC and Brazil in football, and loves to travel.





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